Meet the Marshes

We're the Marshes - Lacey, Jeremy, Serenity - pleasure to meet you! We've been around the shop, and the area for a long time! 

Lacey has been working at The Porch since it opened almost 6 years ago, she was the first employee, and has long since dreamed of owning a shop of her own. 

When the opportunity arose, the Marshes stepped courageously into ownership of the shop. With Lacey newly pregnant, they trusted that this was the right thing to do and went forward, in spite of the obstacles they might face within their first year as owners. 

They live happily in Sugarcreek with their daughter and are expecting the arrival of their son very soon, and are proud to contribute to the community as a family, and through their business. 

Come stop in and meet them sometime! They're always happy to chat with friends of The Porch!